Retiro Ramirez

In 13 History on 2011/04/03 at 12:49 AM

Costa Rica has never had a war, but once it almost did.  The armies of Costa Rica and Panama were facing each other on their borders.  A new recruit,  farmer Ramirez, was given a bugle.  The poor fellow was so nervous that instead of CHARGE, he intoned RETREAT.  The two armies broke into laughter, the war was called off  and Retiro (Retreat) Ramirez became a national hero in two countries!

  1. Actually, Panama and Costa Rica did go to war in the 1920’s over a disputed piece of territory, la Guerra de Coto. I remember my father saying that when he was a boy there was a Costa Rican soldier in his household as a servant because Panama didn’t have the money to feed the prisoners so they were pareceled out to households to work for their keep until they could be repatriated.

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