Ironies of History

In 13 History on 2011/03/26 at 6:12 PM

Saint Francis de Sales said to the young cleric, Richelieu, “My son, leave Versailles and return to your parish and be a good priest.”  However, Richelieu succumbed to the pomp of the court of Versailles.  As he grew in power and wealth, Richelieu was powerfully impressed by a simple cleric called Vincent de Paul.  When Richelieu died, he left all his fortune to St. Vincent de Paul to feed the poor.  (Vincent’s soup kitchen’s  fed 20,000 persons a day in Paris; all of whom were starving veterans of the Thirty Years’ War, in which Catholic Cardinal Richelieu, putting his power before God,  had given aid to the  Protestant forces to defeat the Catholic forces.

Question:  Do you think he bought himself a ticket a heaven?


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